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"Health" as one of the Priority Projects of Mayor Clark Cecil Tiu, the RHU 24-Hour service was launched during his previous administration on 2007-2010 that set San Quintin, Pangasinan to be one of the first to implement such program in the Local Government Level. Unfortunately, the project was discontinued on 2010-2013.

"Health" still one of his priority projects, Mayor Tiu picked up what was left off in the RHU 24-Hour Service Program and will be "Re-Launched" on
July 15, 2013 to cater more effective and elevate more services to our constituents needing medical attention.


--------------------->Updated 07-15-2013

The Municipality of San Quintin has successfully launched the RHU 24-Hrs Service. The program is also known as "RHU 24 Hrs Balik Serbisyo". The program is highlighted by motorcade to all the Barangays of San Quintin followed by a short program.


The relaunching of the RHU 24 Hrs Service is also the Birthday of Mayor Clark Cecil P. Tiu and as he quoted in his short message that rather to receive gifts, he prefers to be the one giving the "Gift of Health" to his constituents.

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