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The LCE, MPDC, the DENR and other personnel conducted an aerial survey of the CaraballoMountains via choppers with the assistance of the NOLCOM Philippine Air Force.


The survey team has successfully identified potential forest areas for reforestation. Many areas of the CaraballoMountain has already been denuded resulting from forest fires and logging. Frequent burning and cutting of trees reduces O2 level, soil erosion as well as it reduces our watershed.


The Municipality of San Quintin headed by Mayor Clark Cecil P. Tiu aim to preserve and protect the Caraballo Mountain not only for the benefit of the present townspeople but more especially to the future generations of San Quintin.


Mayor Clark Cecil Tiu and the Local Governent of San Quintin, Pangasinan  is also optimistic for the possibility that the DipaloRiver can be turned into a tourist spot. Thru the efforts of the LCE, there are already positive reactions coming not only from the people as well as higher Government Officials to make the vision come true: “In restoring DipaloRiver in its glorious state once again”.

Activities: July 30, 2013 / with Motorcade


1. 2013 San Quintin Healthy Child- - - - 12 - 23 mos old

2. Listong Bata Ng San Quintin - - - - - - Day Care & Kinder

3. Poster making & slogan Making- - - - - Elementary (Gr. V or VI), HS Level

4. Oration  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - HS Level

5. San Quintin Kusina Master Chef - - - -  BNS & Mother Tandem; LGU tandem

6. Supplemental Feeding for SUW & UW children 0-55 mos.

After the regular flag raising ceremony of the Municipality of San Quintin this Monday morning, the 22nd day of July, Awards and Commendations were awarded to various PNP Personnel for various accomlishments in law enforcements. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU "SIRS", keep up the good work and A Job Well Done.


Training Program Materials from UNICEF were also given to Barangay Casantamariaan and Barangay Alac Day Care Centers. These materials will be used by Day Care Teachers to perform their duties more efficiently and effectively.

The LGU San Quintin, Pangasinan headed by Mayor Clark Cecil P. Tiu, thru its PESO and co-sponsored by 6th District of Pangasinan Board Member Ranjit R. Shahani will conduct Job Fair on July 31, 2013 at the San Quintin Municipal Gymnasium. The said Job Fair will be attended by hundreds of employers looking for qualified applicants to be posted here and abroad.





For inquiries and more information, look for:


PESO Manager

San Quintin, Pangasinan

Tel No. 575-6085 / 575-2752

Cell No. 09185366888

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